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Jesco began in 1993 with a simple goal of
"providing a sustainable leather for the fashion industry".

Today, we've created over 1,000 leather items for various brands globally.

Ranging from polyurethane leather to silicone leather,
Jesco's portfolio now includes other items, excluding leather, such as

- Silicone Heat Transfer Vinyl -
- Bonded Woven Fabrics -
- Silicone Gel Coating -
- Technical Wovens -

We're staying true to our values by providing sustainable options for brands in all categories.

Our leather product line remains the gold standard of Jesco.
We're constantly striving to reach new heights with our products.

Vegan Leather

PU / PVC Leather

Jesco began with PU & PVC materials to create the vegan leather that is loved today in the fashion industry. Our heritage items still stand the test of time in various markets.

Paper & Packaging

Galaxy S3

Jesco took its coating technology to new heights by applying our process to packaging on Tyvek, Non-woven and Paper.


Silicone Technology

Understanding the detrimental effect of fast fashion & the textile industry, Jesco started researching ways to create a sustainable alternative to PU/PVC coating.

Silicone Products

Fabric Bonding

Perfect Bags

Utilizing our R/P bonding technology, Jesco provides fabric bonding services specialized for bags, backpacks and other heavy duty items made from technical & functional wovens.

Bonding Technology