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Jesco Korea

Roskin™ Pebble Leather

Roskin™ Pebble Leather

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Roskin Pebble Leather is manufactured to have a soft surface touch.


Item No. ROS178-01
Cuttable Width 54" (137 cm)
Thickness 1.150 mm
Material Silicone 100%
Base Fabric Rec. Polyester 100%

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Roskin® Swim

Roskin® Swim brings swimwear to a new level with its silicone coated fabrics. Patterned surface undetected by the naked eye allows less friction against water, allowing for low drag.

micro diamond pattern

Low Friction & Drag

Micro-diamond shaped surface creates synergy with silicone's hydrophobic characteristic to create low friction & drag.

[zoomed in shot of surface - UMT]

patented coating

Slippery Surface

Our patented finish provides a slippery surface and helps block stains, while providing a feel that's soft to the touch.

[shot with water droplets zoomed in]

german engineering

Sourced and manufactured from the highest grade silicone applicable to the textile industry from Germany, Roskin® Swim presents a high standard for the textile manufacturing industry.


About Roskin®

What is Roskin®?

Roskin® is Jesco Korea's trademark for its silicone leather line.

Jesco Korea is a vegan leather manufacturing company based in South Korea that specializes in leather. With over 30+ years of experience, we create one of the best faux leathers in the market.

Roskin® is a creation from Jesco Korea that utilizes silicon as its raw material to create one of Jesco Korea's vegan leathers. Experimenting with the best type of silicone grade for textile manufacturing, we have found the grade that's suitable for textile application, specifically for Apparel.

How is Roskin® made?

Roskin® leather is made utilizing the dry coating method. Jesco Korea's dry coating production line is primed for silicone leather production.

It's 150 meter production line allows for long curing time that properly solidifies the silicone to the fabric base utilized for our Roskin® leather line.

For more information on the manufacturing process, visit our page on how Roskin® is made:

Is Roskin® sustainable?

Roskin® is a sustainable material. It's made from silicon, which is the 2nd most abundant material on the earth's crust.

Additionally, there are no VOC's utilized in the making of this vegan leather, so rest assured!

Are there other variations of Roskin® line?

Currently, in 2024. there is only two Roskin® lines available for the public.

Roskin® leather is available to the public as well as Roskin® Swim. Roskin® Swim is specifically designed for swim wear, where we emphasize the silicone characteristics best suited for water.

Roskin® leather has a leather-like finish utilized for various apparels and accessories. It's anti-staining capabilities make Roskin® leather one of the more sought after choices for light colored accessories.

Can I wash Roskin® Leather?


Roskin® Leather's big breakthrough is in the availability to wash our leathers without worry. Our coating technology allows the consumer to wash our leathers without damaging the layers.